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4 Pool Styles Improved With a Tiled Liner

Swimming Pool Stone Border
Tiling a swimming pool liner is an involved process. Contractors spread a thin layer of mortar over the waterproof membrane and set the tiles into the concrete. As you can imagine, the process is time-intensive - and expensive.
However, a tiled pool liner is the most customized option since the tiles can range from mosaic to subway. What's more, you can also choose to add complementary glass tiles or even have the whole liner finished in the material. Below are four swimming pool styles that would be especially augmented by a tiled liner.

Old-World Glamour

When fancy resorts first started incorporating swimming pools, they often used tiled liners because of the customization available. Technology in liner manufacturing hadn't progressed to modern standards, so beautifying the entire pool often meant using a custom tile liner.
Many of the glamorous resorts went all-out with their tiled liners. They weren't trying to mimic natural pools, so they chose mosaic liners often with metallic finishes. The tiles might be shades of blue, but you often saw gold and other warm tones incorporated. So, line your pool with a metallic mosaic to give it a sense of old-world glam.  


Countries in the Mediterranean, such as Italy and Spain, are world-renowned for their ceramic tiles. Designers love to use these colorful tiles with their distinctive designs everywhere you want a Mediterranean flair, including the swimming pool.
With Mediterranean pools, designers often try to mimic the sea with a turquoise liner. This turquoise can come in a fully tiled liner, or you can choose dyed plaster. Add glass beads as an aggregate to give the glittering depth characteristic of the Mediterranean Sea.
Whichever way you try to simulate the sea, you want painted Mediterranean tiles for your coping. You can also have the designers use the painted tiles in other accent areas, such as pool steps or around the rim of a spa.


Along those same lines, designers like to use tiled liners for lagoon-style pools. To that end, they may choose blue tiles to simulate the water. However, in this style, you may want to choose all-glass tiles. The glass uses an iridescent coating and optical clarity to create a dynamic water look to your swimming pool liner.
That said, many designers aim for a more naturalistic look when creating a lagoon-style pool. Instead of replicating glittering deep waters, simulate a much-smaller pool found in nature.
To replicate such a pool, you may choose to have the liner tiled in stone, which gives the pool that naturalistic appearance. Line the pool in sandy-colored plaster with pebble aggregates too. In that case, you could finish the pool with stone tile coping and accenting. However, a fully tiled pool creates more wow factor.


Traditional-style pools aren't the only ones that can be complemented by tiled liners. Indeed, the customization options of tiled liners make them ideal for creating a modern look.
Modern style is characterized by the use of manufactured material. Therefore, you may gravitate more toward glass tiles over stone. Ceramic tiles can work, especially if you choose metallic finishes.
For a modern pool, the goal is not to replicate anything found in nature. Instead, replicate modern art. For example, modern art often focuses on geometry over representation by deconstructing a picture down to its base shapes. You could have the contractors create shapes in your pool with the tiles.
Sometimes modern liners mix materials. However, instead of keeping them separate, such as a plaster liner with tiled coping, designers might complement a plaster liner with shapes cutting through the surface. For instance, imagine a plain plaster liner with a swath of blue glass tiles cutting curves through the white expanse.
If you want a pool with real wow factor, consider lining it with tiles. No matter what liner material you choose, Sequoyah Pools can design and implement your vision.
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