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How to Design a Kid-Friendly Pool Bar

When you imagine resort or other luxury swimming pools, you probably envision upgrades that seem geared toward adults. Imagine swim-up bars at swanky Vegas hotels.

Swim-up bars originated in Vegas casinos as a way to keep gamblers spending money. But imagine how a kid-friendly swim-up installation in your pool can improve your family pool time.

Plan the Location

The ideal location isn't just important for kid-friendly swim-up bars, but it's a vital step for every installation process. The location of the swim-up bar needs to be near the shallow end of the pool. What's more, you want to ensure it has easy access from both land and the water. Typically, the bar stretches above the water so that it's easily reachable by bathers - in this case, children.

In that vein, keep in mind that children's skin can burn more easily. As you're planning the location of the swim-up bar, think about how to provide shade for snacking kids. You may devise the structure itself so it creates an overhang. Conversely, you may plan for landscaping that covers the seating area. A system of handy sun umbrellas can work, too.

Make the Seating Kid-Sized

As mentioned, the swim-up bar should be located in the shallow end of the pool. The water depth can be between 30 to 42 inches of water - aim on the shallow side for younger children. The bar itself should be six inches above the coping with enough space between the bar and the seat for comfort. The key is to ensure the seats aren't so high kids have trouble getting on top.

Decorate the Exterior for Childhood Tastes

Naturally, you'll want the design of your swim-up bar to be cohesive with the rest of your outdoor décor and the façade of your house. However, you can also add a touch of whimsy to make the exterior of the bar itself more pleasing to children. You don't have to look to Disney for inspiration - but you could.

That said, a child-like design could be as simple as choosing a bolder or more whimsical color palette. You could have the front of the bar made out as a mural or mosaic. Part of an exterior wall could even feature chalkboard paint for family members to write notes to each other.

Plan for Snack-Dispensing Rather than Cocktail-Crafting

As you plan the interior of the bar, keep in mind its main purposes. You should expect to mainly dispense snacks and bottled drinks or juices. You probably won't need as much counter space for crafting cocktails. Therefore, you might need more storage than preparation space. You'll also need a decent refrigerator for keeping the snacks and beverages cool.

Outfit the Interior for Adult Supervisors

Part of the joy of a swim-up bar is that it provides a space for enjoying the outdoors with some of the comforts of the indoors. You and other chaperones will be more inclined to stay outside and watch the kids if the interior of the bar is comfortable for you.

How this comfort looks depends a lot on your personal preferences. Naturally, you may want some comfortable seating. Indeed, consider seating that facilitates conversation for groups of adults. You may also want a proper bar space for your swim-up bar to accommodate adult tastes. Perhaps speakers for music or even a television are ideal for making the interior of the bar adult-friendly.

The swim-up bar started as an adult-centered amenity for pools. However, you can get more practical use out of your swim-up bar if you make it kid-friendly. Let Sequoyah Pools help you design and install a swim-up bar that's appropriate for the whole family.
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